The Double-in-a-Day New Owner Welcoming Page


Thanks you for Double in a Day EA and Course purchase.


Double in a Day Joint Venture

The Double in a Day EA and Course is a Joint Venture between Expert4x and EAFactory.

    1. EAFactory supplies and supports the EA. You can contact them at You will receive an email from them regarding your EA soon.
    2. Expert4x supplies and supports the technique and course. They can be contacted at


The Double in a Day EA

When you purchase one of our EAs supplied by EAFactory a webpage is created for you to manage all your purchases and to download the latest versions etc.

This webite is at . The login details will have been supplied by EAFactory. If your have forgotted the login details please try to use the password recovery process on their site or alternatively contact them directly. The Expert Advisor and user guide is supplied by the EA Factory.

If you have any problems regarding the EA delivery process please contact them directly at

You are licenced to use the Double in a Day Ea as many times as you like as long as you do not exceed more than 2 IP addresses. More licences are available form EAFactory if you need to purchase more.

Please note: EAFactory uses your PayPal email details to deliver your EA.


The Double in a day EA course, forum and videos

The Double in a Day Course and videos can be found on the Expert4x main Double in a Day website

The forum is at

Double in a Day discussion Forum : FORUM

The password access to this course, forum and webpages is         double     

We have also created a 30 video course on how to trade the Double in a Day technique manually which can be accessed for free from

Please use this code to get this course FREE of charge:-    FREEDIAD





Double in a day excel model

The Double in a Day Excel model which will help you create Double in a Day strategies. Please read the course for further instructions. This model can be downloaded below:



Help and feed back

Please note that technical issues regarding the EA should also be raised with EAFactory at . Any administrative or questions regarding the course can raised using


Where to start

Start with the quick start guide that can be found at this link:-

Kind Regards


Mary McArthur